What you need to know about Major League Soccer (MLS)

February 22, 2014 Off By Bet MLS Soccer

Soccer is one of the sports for which basic training is a must. There are several tricks and strategies that players must be aware of to play soccer perfectly. After getting required training, it is essential to get into a soccer team and start playing the sport at state level and eventually reach the national level. If you are one of the biggest soccer fan or a player, you must also know about Major League Soccer.

Major League SoccerMLS is one of the top professional soccer leagues in the US. It was in the year 1996 when MLS kick-started with 10 teams. Popular among both youths and adults, the league has 19 teams and mostly runs during March-October period. In total, 34 games are played, at the end of which there is a winner. The team which bags maximum points is rewarded with the Supporter’s Shield. The MLS championship award goes to the winning team. As far as points are concerned, when there is a tie between teams, they would get one point. A loss would give them zero points while victories would earn them three points.

In the last season, played in 2013, Sporting Kansas City had won MLS cup and New York Red Bulls had bagged Supporter’s Shield.

From 1996 to present, the league has undergone a number of changes and struggle. The poor financial condition pushed the then-Commissioner Doug Logan in a dilemma following which he had to quit the job in 1999. The league had suffered a loss of approximately $250 million in first five years of the launch. This was not the end as MLS again had to bear the brunt when it lost close to $350 million before 2004.

Notably, in the year 2007, MLS saw debut of David Beckham. Besides him, some really great and renowned players have made their contribution to the league. In 2013, the average salary paid to the players approximately was $160,000. The league encourages youngsters as well as trainers to join soccer teams and take the sport a notch higher in the arena.

It is to be noted that when, for the first time, pro-soccer was tried in North America, the attempt miserably met failure and now, MLS has become so popular in the world that people from outside the United States also visit the place to witness the league. There was a change in the league’s philosophy which was aimed at giving a platform to youths to get an exposure and play the sport enthusiastically.

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