The odds for the 2013 MLS cup

January 29, 2013 Off By Bet MLS Soccer

Are not out yet… Sorry soccer fans. Major League Soccer is still in a growth stage, and that’s obvious from the way it’s treated by Las Vegas. Compared to developed sports leagues, Vegas treats MLS like an ugly stepchild.

Just look at American football. The Monday after the Super Bowl is played, sportsbooks will already have the odds for the winner of the next Super Bowl. The same is true for las vegas signMajor League Baseball and the NBA. These leagues have been around for a longtime, and they’ve earned the respect of the Vegas lines makers. MLS has not.

It’s true that in America people don’t bet on the soccer as much as they do other sports, but maybe the public would be more inclined to bet on MLS if sportsbooks actually had odds for the championship all year long. I know I would be.

Because this site is focused on betting MLS, I have a vesting interest in growing interest in the league. Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to look at different ways the league can grow. And I’ll continue to look for the odds on the 2013 MLS Cup. As soon as I find some, I’ll post them here.