Only a couple of days until the start of the new season

Yeah, only a couple of days until the start of the new season, and Major League Soccer is getting all kinds of great press. We’ve been reading about MLS is places that we’ve never seen it mentioned before. From opinion pieces on the Huffington Press to great in depth article from Sporting News, it seems like everyone wants to talk about American soccer!

Additionally it looks like NBC plans to throw their weight into the game. According to the Sports Business Journal the MLS “left money on the table” to sign a deal with NBC last Summer and not another network. This deal starting this year, runs for three season and is reported to be worth about $10 million a year.

This means great things for the sport. NBC plans on showing 3 regular season games, 5 playoffs game and 4 national games on their network channel. They’ll also air an additional 38 regular season games on the NBC Sports Network. NBC acquired all the rights that Fox Soccer used to own, so Fox will no longer carry any MLS matches.

In addition to the matches above, ESPN will carry 21 matches across their channels plus the MLS Cup and all-star game. Hopefully they will start show more soccer highlights on Sports Center since it looks like the sport is receiving more attention nationally.

Hell, the whole reason we created this site is due to the recent increase in interest in soccer in America. Do you really think a lot of people are betting on the MLS today? I really doubt it. In fact we had to reach out to a few online sportsbooks to see if they were going to carry odds on these games this year. Of course we were able to find a few. If people are willing to bet on something, there will always be someone willing to take that action.

So we created a site dedicated to betting on MLS Soccer. Thanks for reading!

We’ll leave you with this picture from the Toronto FC games last night.

Good Night!

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Lionel Messi, CONCACAF and more MLS Odds

Lionel Messi scored 5 goals in today’s match vs. Bayer Leverkusen. Barcelona won the game 7-1. Watch highlights from the game here. The video seven minutes long and worth the look.

The CONCACAF Champions League Quarterfinal is going on right now. Toronto FC is currently beating the Los Angeles Galaxy 2-1, and we’re watching the game live on Fox Soccer. This game is being played in Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario, and it looks like they have a packed house. The Canadians support their soccer! In fact we just looked it up, and they have a sold out crowd of over 45,000… impressive.

Ryan Johnson scored Toronto’s first goal off a corner kick from Torsten Frings after 11 minutes. Five minutes later Toronto FC scored again. This time Danny Koevermans crossed the ball to Luis Silva who headed the ball right into the bottom corner of the goal. With the home team up 2-0, the crowd went wild.

Mike Magee scored the lone goal for the Galaxy off of a cross from Sean Franklin, and they haven’t been able to do much since. Right now the game is in it’s 87th minute, and… Landon Donovan just scored a 2nd goal for LA! Wow, now we have a game!

By the way, the new MLS season starts in just 3 days. We don’t have all the odds for the Whitecaps vs Impact game yet, but we have the point spread posted below. If you are looking for all the other bets available on Saturday’s games, see yesterday’s post.

Time Teams Point Spread
6:00p Vancouver Whitecaps +110
Montreal Impact +225
Draw +225

Well the Toronto game just ended in a 2-2 draw. Donovan proves to be clutch again, and Toronto continues to struggle to close out games. It would have been nice to see the underdog win this one at home in front of a sold out crowd, but the MLS Champions proved to be too good to give this one away.

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We have odds for Saturday’s MLS matches!

The Major League Soccer season opens this weekend with 5 MLS matches on Saturday, March 10th. We have odds for 4 of them! The only game that we don’t have odds for yet is between expansion team the Montreal Impact and the Vancouver Whitecaps. Since this is the Impact’s first match ever, it looks like the sportsbooks are having trouble handicapping this game.

The first game on Saturday is between the Colorado Rapids and Columbus Crew. The Rapids are at home, and they’re favored in the this match. Last year these teams played twice. Colorado won the first game 4-1 at home, and lost the next one 0-2 in Columbus.

Time Teams Point Spread Moneyline Total
6:00p Colorado Rapids Pick (-185) +110
Columbus Crew Pick (+145) +225
Draw +225

The 7:30pm EST game is between DC United and Sporting Kansas City. The United are home and are slight favorites in this game. These teams met twice last year and Sporting KC won both matches 1-0. This game should be close, and the under could make for a good bet.

Time Teams Point Spread Moneyline Total
7:30p DC United Pick (-130) +135
Sporting Kansas City Pick (EVEN) +175
Draw +225

The best game of the day is definitely between the Los Angeles Galaxy and Real Salt Lake. This is rematch of the Western conference finals where the Galaxy won 3-1 before going on to win the MLS Cup a few weeks later. These were two of the best teams in their conference last year, and they met twice during the regular season. In the first match Real Salt Lake won 4-1 at home. The Galaxy won the next match 2-1 in California.

Time Teams Point Spread Moneyline Total
11:30p Los Angeles Galaxy -½ (-110) -110
Real Salt Lake +½ (-120) +290
Draw +235

The second 11:30 EST games in between the San Jose Earthquakes and the New England Revolution. The Revolution was one of the worst teams in the league last year. San Jose won both times these two teams faced each.

Time Teams Point Spread Moneyline Total
11:30p San Jose Earthquakes -½ (-110) -110
New England Revolution +½ (-120) +290
Draw +235

Good luck this weekend! We hope you cash all your bets!

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Pro Soccer is the 2nd most popular sport in America for 12-24 year-olds – ESPN

Per an ESPN study, pro-soccer is now the 2nd most popular sport in America for 12-24 year-olds! This is great news for the MLS. Baseball is currently the second most popular sport among all Americans, but most baseball fans are older while Major League Soccer is a young person’s game. This means that as generations of baseball fans die off, they will be replaced with generations of soccer fans, and the MLS will welcome them with open arms. Great news soccer fans!

Below is the graphic from ESPN.

Have a great weekend!

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7 days until the first match, plus updated odds for the MLS Cup

The new Major League Soccer season starts in a week, and we are excited. There are 5 games on March 10th, and we’ll have odds for those games soon. Right now we have updated odds for the winner of the MLS Cup! They are listed below:

Los Angeles Galaxy 15/8
Seattle Sounders 5/1
Real Salt Lake 7/1
FC Dallas 8/1
Sporting Kansas City 8/1
Colorado Rapids 12/1
Houston Dynamo 12/1
New York Red Bulls 12/1
Columbus Crew 18/1
Philadelphia Union 18/1
Chicago Fire 25/1
Portland Timbers 25/1
Toronto FC 28/1
DC United 33/1
New England Revolution 33/1
San Jose Earthquakes 33/1
Chivas USA 40/1
Montreal Impact 66/1
Vancouver Whitecaps 66/1

As you can see last year’s winner, the Los Angeles Galaxy, is favored to win the MLS Cup again this year. The top five is rounded out by the Seattle Sounders, Real Salt Lake, FC Dallas and Sporting Kansas City. If you want to bet on anyone outside of the top five, we suggest you do so soon. If the team you like starts winning, the odds on them winning the MLS Cup will drop quickly you won’t get the as good a bet as you can get on them right now.

Next weekend features some great matches. The one we’re most looking forward to the Los Angeles Galaxy against the Real Salt Lake. These are considered two of the best teams in the league, and they are playing on opening night in LA! We expect this to be a tight match, and no one matter who wins, it will be fun.

Another interesting matchup is between Sporting KC and DC United. United is one of the league’s original teams, and they won the MLS Cup the first 3 out of the 4 years that the MLS existed. While they haven’t been too good as of late, they still have many fans and they’re an interesting team to watch. Sporting KC should be favored in this game since they are considered the better team. If Sporting KC is somehow the underdog, we’ll probably bet on them.

The 3 other Saturday games are between the Colorado Rapids and the Columbus Crew, the Vancouver Whitecaps and the Montreal Impact, and lastly the San Jose Earthquakes and the New England Revolution. It’ll be a fun day!

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8 days until the start of the MLS season

The new Major League Soccer season is just a week away! It’s time to get excited for it. I don’t have odds for next week’s games yet, but I’ve talked to a few people at some online sportsbooks, and I’ve been assured that lines will be up and we will be able to bet on these games soon.

In the meantime, it was great to see the US team beat Italy this week, even though it was only a friendly. US Soccer is getting better and better and more people in America are starting to take notice. Trust me. Would I be creating a website dedicated to betting on the MLS if no one was interested in this sport? No way! Why waste my time?

In the mean time, while I wait for odds on next week’s matches, I have a couple of good YouTube videos for you to check out. .

This first one is an older one that you might have seen before. It’s a video of different crowds’ reactions to Landon Donovan’s game winning goal in the 2010 World Cup. Personally, I was watching this game in New York City. The bars were packed liked I have never seen them, and everyone went crazy when Donovan scored that goal. It was a very fun day.

The second video is of the Best Goals of the Week for March 1st, 2012. It’s just a little something to bet you in the soccer mood.

We’ll be back with a list of MSL bets for the upcoming season as soon as we have them. Thanks for coming by.

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Betting on the MLS

The Los Angeles Galaxy beat the Houston Dynamo last year to win the MLS Cup. Landon Donovan scored the lone goal for the Galaxy who is home to one of the world’s best known soccer players, David Beckham. The odds for the 2012 MLS Cup are not out yet, but one has to figure that the Galaxy win be heavy favorites to win it again this year.

In fact there should be heavy betting on all of the teams that made the 2011 playoffs. The Dynamo narrowly lost in the final, so I imagine that a few people in Houston will bet on them to win it all in 2012. The New York Red Bulls have a good following, and with super star Thierry Henry, I’m sure a few New Yorkers will be betting on them. Of course other Eastern Conference playoff teams like Sporting KC, the Philadelphia Union and the Columbus Crew will get some action too.

Based on attendance, the Seattle Sounders FC is probably the most popular team in the league. They came in 2nd in the Western conference last year, and they should have a good shot at winning it all this year. Of course most of their fans are in the State of Washington, but I’m sure some of them will find their way to Las Vegas to bet on their favorite MLS Soccer team this season.

Other favorites in the Western Conference will probably be Real Salt Lake, FC Dallas and the Colorado Rapids. All three of these teams made the playoffs last year, so they all had a shot at winning the MLS Cup. Again I’m not sure what the odds are for this year yet, but any three of these teams could make for good bets.

One thing is for sure, American Major League Soccer is here to stay, and people love to bet on it. As this sport picks up more and more fans, I’m sure more and more money will be wagered on it. Las Vegas and the online sports books must be happy!

Hopefully soon there will be sports betting in Atlantic City and other parts of the United States too! Then betting on the MLS could get real fun!

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