Only a couple of days until the start of the new season

March 8, 2012 Off By Bet MLS Soccer

Yeah, only a couple of days until the start of the new season, and Major League Soccer is getting all kinds of great press. We’ve been reading about MLS is places that we’ve never seen it mentioned before. From opinion pieces on the Huffington Press to great in depth article from Sporting News, it seems like everyone wants to talk about American soccer!

Additionally it looks like NBC plans to throw their weight into the game. According to the Sports Business Journal the MLS “left money on the table” to sign a deal with NBC last Summer and not another network. This deal starting this year, runs for three season and is reported to be worth about $10 million a year.

This means great things for the sport. NBC plans on showing 3 regular season games, 5 playoffs game and 4 national games on their network channel. They’ll also air an additional 38 regular season games on the NBC Sports Network. NBC acquired all the rights that Fox Soccer used to own, so Fox will no longer carry any MLS matches.

In addition to the matches above, ESPN will carry 21 matches across their channels plus the MLS Cup and all-star game. Hopefully they will start show more soccer highlights on Sports Center since it looks like the sport is receiving more attention nationally.

Hell, the whole reason we created this site is due to the recent increase in interest in soccer in America. Do you really think a lot of people are betting on the MLS today? I really doubt it. In fact we had to reach out to a few online sportsbooks to see if they were going to carry odds on these games this year. Of course we were able to find a few. If people are willing to bet on something, there will always be someone willing to take that action.

So we created a site dedicated to betting on MLS Soccer. Thanks for reading!

We’ll leave you with this picture from the Toronto FC games last night.

Good Night!