Bet the 2013 MLS Cup – Sporting Kansas City vs Real Salt Lake

November 28, 2013 Off By Bet MLS Soccer

The 2013 MLS Cup is 8 days away, and we have the odds for the championship match. The game is Saturday, December 7th at 4pm EST. In the US the game will be broadcast on ESPN and UniMas. In Mexico and Canada, you can watch the game on TNS2 and RDS.

Odds for the 2013 MLS Cup –

Sporting Kansas City
Real Salt Lake

You can find these odds at Bovada.

Sporting Kansas City is the current favorite. The easiest way to think about the above odds is that 20/37 is close to 1/2. So if you would need to bet a little less than $2 on Kansas City to win $1.

Meanwhile the odds on Real Salt Lake are 29/20 of close to 3/2. In order to win $1 on Salt Lake you would need to bet about $0.66. Of course you can bet any amount you want. Say you bet $100 on RSL and they win, you’ll win $145. Not too bad if you like them to win the MLS Cup.

Right now we haven’t found any prop bets for the game yet. The MLS Cup is still about a week away, so there is still time for the bookies to get some out there. Usually for US championship games, there are a lot of props that you can bet. One sportsbook offered over 300 different prop bets for last year’s Super Bowl. Currently the MLS Cup isn’t as popular as the Super Bowl or the World Cup, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some props bets offered on the game as we get closer to the start.

Here is a good recap of the playoffs:

And what does ESPN have to say?

Whatever happens this should be a great match and great for the game of soccer in the US. Sporting KC has already sold out there next season, and they have another 1,000 people on the waiting list.

Both these teams were the 2nd seed in their respective brackets. Both play an quick, aggressive game, and it should make for a very close match. I could easily see this game ending with 1 goal differential. Who will win? Well I won’t tell you how to bet, but I think it will be close either way.

So we hope you enjoy the game. We’ll be back to update this site again before next Saturday with additional bets and odds offered for this game. We’ll also include where you can bet these wagers, whether it’s online or in Las Vegas. So don’t worry, we’re you’re one stop shop for betting on the MLS Cup.

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